Help Provide Affordable Homes and Build Community -- with Option to Support the Displaced Griggs Farm Residents (Matching Challenge through Jan. 23 for Griggs Farm Fire Relief Fund)

Join in Building a Diverse, Inclusive Princeton that is Home to People of Many Income Levels

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Please Join In Princeton Community Housing's Work Now

Update on Griggs Farm Fire Relief Fund, including Matching Gift Challenge: Princeton Community Housing is working closely with the Griggs Farm residents who were displaced as a result of the Dec. 27 fire. PCH is providing temporary housing and helping with the residents' other immediate and ongoing needs. We are also coordinating with the Princeton Human Services Department and other community organizations. To support the costs of this temporary housing and other immediate and ongoing assistance for the displaced residents, please designate your gift for the Griggs Farm Fire Relief Fund -- and multiply its impact! Other very generous donors have kindly provided a Matching Gift Challenge -- which will match your gift (made online or postmarked by Jan. 23) dollar-for-dollar, up to a total matched of $36,000. Thank you.

Why Give to Provide Affordable Homes? A big hurdle to people trying to climb out of poverty is the shortage of affordable homes, especially in communities with strong schools. In addition, retirees benefit from "aging in place" and not being forced to move out of their community after they stop working. Furthermore, economic and cultural diversity in the schools and community benefits everyone in the wider community.

Why Support PCH? PCH -- celebrating our 50th anniversary this year! -- is the largest provider of affordable rental homes in Princeton, which has excellent public schools. We provide affordable, welcoming, and well-maintained rental homes for families with children, retirees, and others with very low, low, and moderate incomes. More than 1,000 PCH residents (about 3% of the Princeton population) live in 466 homes at Princeton Community Village, Elm Court, Harriet Bryan House, Griggs Farms, and elsewhere. The current wait for a PCH home is 12-24 months on average, depending on a variety of circumstances, including household size. PCH residents participate in and contribute to the wider Princeton community through employment, education, and other activities. Some of them created the art, writing, and photos shown in this background picture, in response to a question, "What does HOME mean to you?"

Over the past five decades, thousands of residents have lived in PCH rental homes, engaging in and contributing to the broader Princeton community.

Please help PCH continue to provide these wonderful rental homes and plan for additional ones, thus helping to build the wider Princeton community. Gifts to PCH are tax-deductible, as PCH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Thank you very much.